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Yangtze non-ferrous metal network ?organized?copper industries visit baotai group for inspection

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In the morning of July 14, 2022, Yangtze River Non-ferrous Metal Network held the "2022 Yangtze River (Yingtan) Copper based New Material Industry Supply and Demand Matchmaking Meeting" in Yingtan City. The meeting mainly focused on the copper price trend, the latest copper market trends, intelligent manufacturing, mining and supply vanes and other hot topics. Help the copper upstream and downstream enterprises to find a number of high-quality suppliers and buyers as long-term partners.

In the afternoon of July 14, Changjiang Nonferrous Metal Network organized a copper industry investigation delegation to visit Jiangxi Baotai Group. Peng Bingfeng, president of Baotai Group, gave the delegation a warm reception.

Accompanied by president Peng Bingfeng, the delegation visited phosphorous copper ball workshop and copper strip workshop.  The production and processing situation of copper industry in Baotai Group is understood in detail.

At the symposium, President Peng Bingfeng mainly introduced the company's basic situation and future development plan.  Two key points for enterprise development are proposed:

First, Green development. "Carbon peak and carbon neutral" is the future trend, and "carbon trading" is considered to be an effective tool to deal with climate change by market mechanism. The company actively responds to the national "double carbon" policy, optimizes equipment structure and speeds up technological innovation. The second phase of rooftop solar pv has been built and 50,000 square meters of the third phase is under construction. The fourth phase of rooftop solar photovoltaic power generation project is being prepared for construction, which is expected to be completed in March next year, realizing the installation of solar power on the company's roof. The total annual power generation of the fourth phase can exceed 30 million KWH.  Use clean energy production to achieve energy conservation, emission reduction and green development of enterprises.

Second, intelligent development. Phosphorus copper ball production workshop is building unmanned chemical plant, to achieve the production of products from beginning to end fully automated production, do not need any produce employees, achieve intelligent manufacturing and create unmanned intelligent factory. At the same time, the copper production workshop implement information management, digital visual factory. Including building copper product ERP system, building copper production workshop digital MES system.

Yingtan, as the "copper capital of the world", has been firmly taking copper industry as the first industry for many years. Baotai group as the local enterprise of Yingtan city, has been in the copper industry innovation and development, and increased the phosphorous copper ball production line, copper strip production line. In the future, Baotai Group will create more products in the copper industry and make the copper industry bigger and stronger.

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