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Mayor Zhang Zijian led a team to Baotai Group for investigation

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Summary:On the afternoon of April 19, 2022, Mayor Zhang Zijian and Vice Mayor Yu Hongyan of Yingtan visited Baotai Group for investigation.

On the afternoon of April 19, 2022, Mayor Zhang Zijian and Vice Mayor Yu Hongyan of Yingtan visited Baotai Group for investigation.

Accompanied by Chairman Peng Baotai and President Peng Bingfeng, they visited the recycling workshop to learn the recovery of raw materials and the transportation of products. Mayor Zhang pointed out that the vehicles for recycling raw materials and transporting products walk on the same main road, can easily cause congestion on the main road. Chairman Peng Baotai introduced that the company is acquiring 40 mu of land which is specially used for the construction of recycling workshop, so that the company will not be crowded on the main road. With the continuous development of the company, the demand for raw materials is also increasing, the expansion of new recycling workshop is also the general trend.


At the symposium, Mayor Zhang asked Chairman Peng Baotai what difficulties exist in the development of the enterprise under the current epidemic environment. Chairman Peng Baotai raised the following two questions:

First, due to the epidemic, there are problems in the transportation of raw materials and products.  Looking for transport vehicles is very hard and the company's production is dwindling.

Second: since the implementation of no. 40 document on Finance and Taxation on March 1 this year, it has been difficult for enterprises to obtain input invoices.

Mayor Zhang answered these questions, and said that the government and enterprises complement each other, the relationship is fish and water, enterprises have any difficulties, the government will be solve for the enterprises at the first time, to help enterprises out of difficulties.


Mayor Zhang put forward suggestions for the development of Baotai Group: Baotai Group has a wide range of products and a good development situation. In the future, Baotai Group must take the road of high-quality development, and the production equipment should be automated and intelligent, which can not only improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, but also enhance the image and influence of the enterprise.

Chairman Peng Baotai agreed with Mayor Zhang's proposal, said that the company's phosphorus copper ball production workshop is building an "unmanned workshop" to achieve fully automated production, which is expected to be put into production on October this year.  High quality, intelligent and automatic development is the main goal of Baotai Group's future development.

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