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Promoting the popularization of law into enterprises and promoting development with the protection of the rule of law

Time:2023-04-12 08:35:48 Source:金沙vns59859威尼斯城官网 View Rate:358

Summary:Baotai Group specially invited Director Xia Xiaoyang of the Huangxi Town Police Station in Yujiang District to give a legal education lecture to the employees.

In order to further ensure the healthy development of enterprises and optimize the business environment, on the morning of April 10, 2023, Baotai Group organized more than 500 employees to participate in a legal education conference in the restaurant. This time, Baotai Group specially invited Director Xia Xiaoyang of the Huangxi Town Police Station in Yujiang District to give a legal education lecture to the employees.

Director Xia started with work-related injuries among group employees and emphasized the importance of work-related injury prevention through case studies. In addition, he also extended to employee social security payments and work-related injury insurance benefits, as well as anti fraud measures.

Director Xia pointed out that "safety production does not violate regulations, and there is no work-related injury due to caution. In recent years, it has been summarized that many work-related injuries are caused by employees' mental paralysis and weak safety awareness. Therefore, employees need to keep in mind during normal production operations: 'Do not harm themselves, do not harm others, and do not be harmed by others'.

Secondly, the social security payment base for employees of Baotai Group is chosen by the employees themselves, and the various social security benefits enjoyed after payment are also based on the payment base. The more you pay, the more you enjoy; The principle of paying less and enjoying less is followed. In terms of paying social insurance to employees, Baotai Group follows national laws and regulations, covers a wide range, and has a high proportion of employees paying social insurance, ranking among the top in the entire Yingtan City.

At the propaganda conference, Director Xia emphasized that in a society ruled by law, in the event of work-related injuries, if there are disputes, it is necessary to take legitimate channels to protect rights in accordance with the law and not use extreme illegal means. Once extreme illegal measures are taken to disrupt the normal operation of the company and leave a record in the public security bureau, it will not only affect one's own future, but also affect the development of future generations.

Finally, from the perspective of the interests of all employees, Director Xia called on the whole people to fight against fraud, especially when it comes to money, to be cautious of fraudsters using various reasons such as leadership loans and drug payments to transfer funds. It is recommended that everyone download the "National Anti Fraud Center" app, open it for self-protection, achieve "no greed, no profit", and firmly defend their money bags.

The significance of this lecture conference is significant. Carrying out the activity of promoting the rule of law into enterprises is conducive to improving the awareness of the rule of law among employees, safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law, and promoting the healthy development of enterprises.

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