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Zeng Libin, Chairman of Aluminum Association of China, and his delegation visited Baotai Group to inspect and guide the work

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Summary:Zeng Libin, Chairman of Aluminum Association of China, and his delegation visited Baotai Group to inspect and guide the work

On March 6, 2023, the sun is bright, spring is full, and all things are revived. Zeng Libin, president of the Aluminum Association of China, and his party visited Jiangxi Baotai Group to inspect and guide the work, bringing vitality to Baotai Group.

Accompanied by Chairman Peng Baotai, Chairman Zeng and his party successively visited the copper strip workshop, phosphor copper ball workshop, aluminum profile workshop, aluminum alloy ingot workshop and copper bar workshop. It took an hour to turn around the whole plant area.

At the symposium, Chairman Zeng had a further understanding of Baotai Group through the company's promotional film and the introduction of Chairman Peng Baotai. Chairman Peng Baotai introduced the development process, quotation center and advanced equipment:

1、 Peng Baotai, the chairman of the board, started from scratch at the beginning of 1991 and began to work in the renewable resources recovery industry with a high interest rate of 6000 yuan. Through 32 years of hard work, we have developed a waste purchase shop into a group company with an area of more than 600 mu, more than 800 employees and an annual output value of 12.79 billion yuan.

2、 "Baotai Price" is popular throughout the country and has become the price vane and compass of the recycled metal industry and upstream and downstream industries. From the beginning, the quotation was written on the whiteboard with a whiteboard pen, to the mobile phone to send quotation information to customers, to the computer to send mass SMS messages, and finally to the current company website and WeChat official account to update the quotation every day. From the passive reception of price information by previous customers to the active online viewing of price information by current customers. From hundreds of people reading quotation information before, to nearly 100000 people reading quotation information every day. From quantitative change to qualitative change, a qualitative leap has been achieved. "Baotai Price" has always been open and transparent to win the trust of customers. Therefore, customers pay attention to the "guaranteed price", which is to pay attention to the money in their pockets.

3The company's aluminum alloy ingot production line is highly automated. The two-chamber smelting furnace is equipped with a regenerative combustion system, aluminum liquid circulation system, organic flue gas incineration system, and automatic temperature control system. It also adopted advanced equipment such as crushing system, eddy current sorting and X-ray sorting system, automatic feeding system, circulating water cooling system, laser typing, robot automatic ingot stacking, automatic weighing, and realized equipment data interconnection, creating a Baotai Group intelligent manufacturing demonstration line. Baotai Group not only has advanced production equipment, but also advanced production technology. The aluminum alloy ingots are finely crystallized and of reliable quality. It has become a first-class brand in the industry.

President Zeng gave full affirmation to the development of Baotai Group, saying that many industries now have overcapacity, and "enterprises are seriously involved". If an enterprise enters a new industry, it must have the lowest cost or unique products, which should account for at least one point, otherwise it will not enter. It is also emphasized that the high-quality development of the renewable aluminum industry is the future development trend. It is necessary to strengthen the mutual communication between enterprises to make the renewable aluminum industry develop stronger.

Under the care and guidance of President Zeng, Baotai Group will grow more vigorously and prosperously like the seedlings in spring!

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