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Baotai Group was awarded the first enterprise of Aluminum Alloy Building Profile Low-carbon Product Certification in Jiangxi Province

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On the morning of July 26, 2022, "low carbon product certification certificate" and "jiangxi green ecological product certification certificate - electrician copper busbar opening ceremony was held by Jiang Xi Baotai group, market supervision and administration bureau, China classification society quality certification company jiangxi yingtan city branch, Yu Jiang area and market supervision administration, inspection certification testing institute  in Baotai group. On the symposium, Zou Wei, general manager of China Classification Society Quality Certification Co., LTD., Peng Baotai, chairman of Jiangxi Baotai Group, Hu Wutang, director of Yujiang District Market Supervision Administration, Zhu Pin, deputy director of Yingtan City Market Supervision Administration, made speeches respectively.

General Manager Zou Wei said: In accordance with the requirements for product certification process, track inspection after the initial field verification and certification, and a series of work, to protect mt group aluminum alloy construction profiles (base material, anodized profiles, electrophoresis paint profiles, powder material, insulation material) products awarded five "low carbon product certification certificate" and "jiangxi green ecological product certification certificate - electrician copper bus bar.

Chairman Peng Baotai said: The aluminum alloy ingot, copper row, phosphorus copper ball, recycled metal prices of Baotai Group are the industry's vane, not only to be the benchmark of product prices, but also to be the benchmark of energy conservation and emission reduction. Due to advanced production equipment, the overall output of aluminum alloy ingot and copper bar is large, but the unit energy consumption is low.   The company is building solar photovoltaic power generation on the roofs of all its factories, with a total annual power generation of 30 million KWH.   There are two grid-connected power generation phases, the third phase is being installed, and the fourth phase is scheduled to be fully completed in the first half of next year. This year, due to the impact of the pandemic, the market is weak and the demand is down.  In line with the principle of reducing price without reducing quantity, Baotai Group expands sales volume and promotes energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon development of the industry.

Deputy Director Zhu Frequency made an important speech: Jiangxi Baotai Group has become the first Yingtan City to obtain low carbon product certification of enterprises, to achieve the city's low carbon product certification zero breakthrough, is also the first in Jiangxi Province to obtain aluminum alloy building profile low carbon product certification of enterprises. Through the certification of low-carbon products, it is conducive to promote the technological progress of the industry and further improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. In the future, Yingtan City market supervision and Administration Bureau will promote the area of enterprise low-carbon product certification work, continue to implement the green and low-carbon development of the policy requirements, to achieve carbon peak, carbon neutrality to make due contributions.

At the end of the forum, Chairman Peng Baotai said, thanks for the  hard work of  China Classification Society quality certification Co., LTD. , thanks  for the quality service of Yingtan City market supervision Administration and Yujiang District market supervision administration!

Electrical copper bus  is not involved in the "low carbon products" catalog, so the application of Jiangxi Province green ecological product certification. The company also has phosphorus copper ball, recycled aluminum alloy ingots and other excellent energy-saving products, will also apply for Jiangxi Province green ecological product certification.  It is worth mentioning that, as an excellent manufacturer of copper bus and phospho-copper ball for electrical purposes, Baotai Group participated in the drafting of Jiangxi Green Ecological Copper Bus for electrical Purposes (T/JGE 0011-2021) standard.

In the future, Baotai Group will focus on the "double carbon Plan", research new technology, introduce and develop advanced production equipment, create more low-carbon and energy-saving new products, demonstrate the role of China's outstanding private enterprises, and make unremitting efforts for the country to achieve the double carbon goal as soon as possible!

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