Development planning

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The development direction of Baotai Group:

A concentric circle: take metal recovery as concentric circle toachieve diversified development of the metal industry.

Two deep processing: copper deep processing, aluminum deep processing.

Three major industries: copper industry, aluminum industry, scrap steel industry.

Four industrial chains:The first industrial chain is to establish a national recycled metalrecovery system; the second industrial chain is the production of aluminumalloy ingots, aluminum rods, copper rods and other primary products; the thirdindustrial chain is the production of copper strip, aluminum alloy doors andwindows, all-aluminum furniture and other fine products; the fourth industrialchain is the production of intelligent door and window, intelligent furnitureand other intelligent products. Through the whole industry chain, the wasteproducts are made into products, the products are made into fine products, theproducts are made into intelligent products, the industrial chain is prolonged,the value chain is increased, the competitiveness is improved, and a uniquecomprehensive processing and utilization mode of the regenerated metal in theworld is created.

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